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(Membership Meetings)

Section 1. Regular meetings of the membership shall be called, and such meetings shall have authority to make laws and bylaws, rules and regulations, and generally to conduct all business which may properly come before the Group.

Section 2. Every member in good standing of the SOUTH CAROLINA Regional Group shall be eligible to attend and assist in all meetings of the membership, and shall be entitled to one (1) vote when present.

Section 3. A quorum at membership meetings shall consist of five (5) members in good standing, two (2) of which must be elected officers of the Regional Group. One of the two officers must be either the President or the Vice President.

Section 4. All members in good standing, as well as the National Head­quarters (Attn: Administrative Director), shall be notified, in writing, of each meeting of the Regional Group at least ten (10) days before the date of such meeting. The notification letter will include the date, time, location and purpose(s) of the meeting. Address labels from BVA National Headquarters must be used for all such notification letter mailings.

*Admin note: Unless otherwise indicated, hereinafter the word "members col­lectively refers to "Members and Associate Member.