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        The South Carolina Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association (SCRG BVA) meeting this year was at our first "Mini" Convention. The Business Meeting was available for all members within South Carolina. The meeting was held on 4 May 2019 at

10:00 AM . The call did not last no longer than 45 minutes. The following 

Officers Elected:
President                         Cheryl Gajadhar
Vice President                  Agnes Jefferson
Secretary                         Gretchen Wilson
Treasurer                          jerry Simmons
Chaplain                          George Hallman
Sergeant of Arms              Noah Love
Judge Advocate                Vacancy

Collective Discussions were:
Financial Report (Treasurer) - Ending Balance: $$$$$. 
(For Members Only - Need to know basis)

Annual  Expenses - Totaling – 0
Note:  Because of such a low balance- The President will pay out most expenses out of pocket.  Volunteer help is always appreciated. 
(1) Newsletters/Newsflashs/Website to all BVA members (printing)($$$)(waived)
(2) Blind Support Group Luncheon/Meeting (Columbia – TBD
(3) Annual Donations to BRC’s are Waived
(4) Convention Advertising Full Page - $$$ - on our page is a listing of the “Newly Elected Officers for the Next Year”; our state emblem (tree) and state design. 
      Primary/Alternate Delegate for National Convention 12-16 August 2019, Tulsa, Oklahoma,
     Gretchen Wilson (Primary Delegate) – (voted/seconded and agreed to be given a stipend for the amount of $$$$.  This amount is to help curtail the cost of the weekly trip for the National Convention.  Proof of purchase of airline ticket, convention registration and room reservation must be made/paid before stipend will be issued. 
(5) Proposed a change in the BYLAWS to elect officers every 2 years iunstead of every yer.  Was voted/seconded. 
Veterans Day Parade Participation - TBD. All persons interested – Contact Cheryl Gajadhar (as listed above) This will be our 6th year participating…
Website update.  is up and still developing. There were no additional questions/comments. 
Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 1100 hrs.