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        The South Carolina Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association (SCRG BVA) meeting this year was a conference call. The Conference Call was available for all members within South Carolina. The meeting was held on 6 June 2018 at 2:00 pm. The call did not last no longer than 45 minutes. The following 

Officers Elected:
President                         Cheryl Gajadhar
Vice President                  Agnes Jefferson
Secretary                         Gretchen Wilson
Treasurer                       Vacancy/(Cheryl Gajadhar)
Chaplain                          George Hallman
Sergeant of Arms              Noah Love
Judge Advocate                Vacancy

Collective Discussions were:
Financial Report (Treasurer) - Ending Balance: $$$$$. 
(For Members Only - Need to know basis)

Annual  Expenses - Totaling – 0
Note:  Because of such a low balance- The President will pay out most expenses out of pocket.  Volunteer help is always appreciated. 
(1) Newsletters/Newsflashs/Website to all BVA members (printing)($$$)(waived)
(2) Blind Support Group Luncheon/Meeting (Columbia – TBD
(3) Annual Donations to BRC’s are Waived
(4) Convention Advertising Full Page - $$$ - on our page is a listing of the “Newly Elected Officers for the Next Year”; our state emblem (tree) and state design. 
      Primary/Alternate Delegate for National Convention 13-17 August 2018, Sparks, Nevada-
     Gretchen Wilson (Primary Delegate) – (voted/seconded and agreed to be given a stipend for the amount of $$$$.  This amount is to help curtail the cost of the weekly trip for the National Convention.  Proof of purchase of airline ticket, convention registration and room reservation must be made/paid before stipend will be issued. 
(5) Proposed a State Convention in April/May 2019 in Columbia, SC.   All suggestions welcome.  Please contact me for your input and also if you wish  to volunteer.  NOTE:  This State Convention will also include the Annual Business Meeting. The State Convention would last no more than 2 days (Friday (day of travel)) Evening - Welcome and cocktails. The second day would be Business Meeting; Afternoon activities and Evening would be Catered Dinner.  Nothing solid as of yet.  First of several plans to come. 
Veterans Day Parade Participation – 12 November 2018 (Monday)  All persons interested – Contact Cheryl Gajadhar (as listed above) This will be our 5th year participating…
Website update.  www.scbva.org  is up and still developing. There were no additional questions/comments. 
Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 1430 hrs.